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Boston Cocktail Shaker Glass

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The essential other half of a Boston Cocktail Shaker, the Boston Cocktail Shaker Glass is an indispensable piece of equipment for any bartender. Made from thick, robust glass, this 16oz shaker glass is ideal for pairing with a 28oz Boston Cocktail Shaker Tin, but is also useful for stirring cocktails with a long mixing spoon.



Product Features:
• Cocktail shaker glass
• Material: Non-tempered glass
• Durable construction
• Conical shape
• Ideal for use with 28oz Boston Cocktail Shaker Tin
• Can also be used with mixing spoon for stirring cocktails
• Dishwasher safe


Brand: Pasabahce


• Height: 150mm
• Volume: 450ml
• Min. Diameter: 60mm
• Max. Diameter: 88mm
• Weight: 446g


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