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Flair Bartender Set – White Edition With Mixology & Flair DVD

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If you’re impressed by the skills of flair bartenders and want to get in on the action, then fear not, we’re here to help! One of the coolest and most impressive skills of the bar world, flair has been dazzling bar-goers for more than 100 years, so it’s about time you delved into this world of extreme bartending and learn a new skill that is sure to impress all your friends!

It’s all well and good being able to throw a bottle in the air, but to learn how to juggle them like a pro, you’ve got to be taught by a pro. To get you off to the right start we’ve provided you with an excellent Mixology & Flair DVD hosted by the President and founder of Flairco Inc, Dean Serneels. He will take you through the techniques you will need to get your skills up to scratch.

Flairco Mixology & Flair for the Working Bartender is an introductory level training DVD that focuses on classic bartending techniques and low risk, high impact working flair skills.

Only the best will do, which is why we stock the professional flair bottles from Flairco, the industry leader in world bartending. The flair bottle you receive in this set is the only bottle endorsed by the Flair Bartenders Association (F.B.A.). The Flairco bottle is the training tool of choice for Flair Bartenders in over 100 countries worldwide.

Once you’ve learned a few tricks you can use your Flair Starter Set to start mixing your drinks with a bit of style! Get a few friends round for cocktails and wow them with your new found skills!

Once you think you’ve learned everything you need to know you can increase your flair arsenal with a few new Flairco bottles!

Please Note: No liquid included.


Out of stock


Product Features:
• The perfect set to get your flair career started
• Learn the skills with a flair training DVD
• Shatterproof flair bottle for practising
• Boston shaker as used by the professionals
• Impress your friends with your new talent
• Mix drinks with style

Pack Contains:
• 1 x Flairco Flair Bottle White
• 1 x Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker
• 1 x Mixology & Flair DVD (Region 0)
• 1 x Black Vinyl Coated Bar Blade
• 1 x Stainless Steel Pourer

• Flair Bottle: 750ml (26.25oz)
• Boston Shaker Tin: 800ml (28oz)
• Boston Shaker Glass: 450ml (16oz)

Brand: Flairco

Manufacturer Part Number:
• DS9138

• 5055736914010

Flairco Bottle: H 350mm Ø 78mm
Boston Shaker Tin: H 175mm Ø 93mm
Boston Shaker Glass: H 150mm Ø 88mm
Bar Blade: L 180mm W 41mm D 5mm
Stainless Steel Pourer: L 110mm Ø 30mm


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