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Lay Z Spa Miami, Vegas And Paris, Spare Parts Set

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The Lay Z Spa Spare Parts Set features a ChemConnect, Hose Adaptor, Inflation Hose, Screw Valve and Cover Adaptor suitable for all 2014-Current Air Jet Lay Z Spas.

With essential spare or replacement parts, your inflatable hot tub can be kept well maintained and run smoothly. Covering all the essential spares you will need, you can easily inflate, drain and maintain your Lay Z Spa Miami, Lay Z Spa Vegas or Lay Z Spa Paris.

Compatible With:
Lay Z Spa Miami 54123
Lay Z Spa Vegas 54112
Lay Z Spa Paris 54148



Product Features:
• Lay Z Spa Air Jet spare parts set
• Replacements for: Inflation Hose, Hose Adapter, Chemconnect, Screw Valve & Cover Adapter
• Inflation Hose: Essential part used during the inflation of your Bestway Lay Z Spa
• Hose Adapter: Helps you drain the water and attaches to any standard garden hose
• Chemconnect: attaches to the side of the pool to distribute chemicals
• Screw Valve: Use with Inflation Hose to inflate your Bestway Lay Z Spa
• Cover Adapter: Used when draining the water from your Bestway Lay Z Spa
• For Lay Z Spa Miami, Vegas and Paris models

Set Contains:
• Lay Z Spa Inflation Hose
• Lay Z Spa Hose Adapter
• Lay Z Spa Chemconnect
• Lay Z Spa Screw Valve
• Lay Z Spa Cover Adapter A

Manufacturer Part Number:
• DS41818

• 5055736972706


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