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Bar Knife

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There are people in this world willing and happy to accept a drink with a mangled mess of what may or may not be fruit nestling in the bottom or on the side of their glass. However, such people are few and far between.
There are, equally, people in this world who would really rather not drink one of your beautifully-made cocktails if it’s spoiled by a ragged lump of citrus fruit.

Just think of the difference a carefully sliced addition to a drink can make. This stainless steel bladed, forked knife is perfect for pretty much any cocktail-related task you can think of, and will help get the job done properly!



Product Features:
• Multi-use bar knife
• Features forked end for picking up fruit
• Serrated blade
• Ideal for bars, pubs, restaurants or the home
• Hand wash only

Manufacturer Part Number:
• BK-74

• 5060152855403

Packaging Dimensions:
• 197 x 25 x 15mm, 0.025kg

• Length: 197mm
• Handle Length: 108mm
• Blade Length: 89mm
• Weight: 25g


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