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Fruit Twist Dual Blade Bar Knife

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With a dual, serrated blade, this Fruit Twist Dual Blade Bar Knife is an essential tool for creating cocktail garnishes like a classic fruit twist. With both a serrated, and non-serrated blade, this knife is sure to cut through any fruit, and makes cutting fruit slices simple.

As well as the dual blade, this bar knife comes complete with a Canele Cutter, the perfect tool for creating delicate lemon twists for cocktails.



Product Features:
• Multi-use bar knife
• Dual sided blade, including one serrated blade
• Perfect for slicing fruit
• Features a canelle blade for creating citrus twists
• Comfortable wooden handle
• Essential tool for any bar

• Single: 5055736957031

Packaging Dimensions:
• Single: 10 x 185 x 23mm, 0.025kg

• Width: 23mm
• Length: 185mm
• Depth: 10mm
• Weight: 25g


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