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Copper Bar Spoon With Fork 32cm

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With a Japanese trident design, this Copper Bar Spoon with Fork is the perfect bar tool, and is essential for any home or professional bar. This bar spoon is perfect for mixing cocktails in a mixing glass, but also has a handy fork, ideal for picking up garnishes like lemon and lime slices.

Highly versatile, this Bar Spoon with Fork has a copper plated finish, making it a stunning and stylish bar tool, and perfect for vintage inspired speakeasy bars.



Product Features:
• Long mixing spoon
• Material: Copper plated stainless steel
• Forked end for picking up ingredients and garnishes
• Twisted stem perfect for layered drinks
• Dishwasher safe
• Adds vintage style to any bar

Brand: Utopia Tableware

Manufacturer Part Number:
• F92073

• 5020403401889

Packaging Dimensions:
• 27 x 322 x 18mm, 0.03kg

• Width: 27mm
• Length: 320mm
• Depth: 18mm
• Weight: 30g


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