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Wooden Spatula Flat End 12inch / 30cm

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This Wooden Spatula is made of beech wood and features a flat end, an essential kitchen tool for cooking and baking.

Useful not only in domestic and commercial kitchens, these kitchen spatulas can also be utilised as table identifiers by simply writing table numbers on them and placing them in a wine bottle on the table.



Product Features:
• Wooden spatula
• Material: Beech wood
• Hand wash only
• Ideal for cooking and baking
• Can also be used for writing numbers on and using as table numbers
• Can be used with non stick cookware without damage
• Suitable for both domestic and commercial use

Brand: Genware

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: WSPF-12

• Single: 5020403180593

• Length: 300mm
• Weight: 56g


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