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Silicone Coated Oven Mitt/Glove 17inch

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Ensure you’re safe in a busy kitchen with this professional quality Silicone Coated Oven Mitt. With an extra long length to protect your forearms, this silicone coated oven glove is designed to withstand temperatures up to 90°C making it a kitchen essential.



Product Features:
• Catering oven mitt
• Silicone coated
• Designed to withstand temperatures up to 90°C
• Allows you to move hot pots, pans and trays with ease
• Material: Cotton & non-woven fabric
• Long length to protect the forearm
• Not machine washable

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: SLM-17

• Single: 5013168510699

• Width: 180mm
• Length: 430mm
• Weight: 116g


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