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Greaseproof Paper 26 x 43cm (500pcs)

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Perfect for wrapping sandwiches and burgers, this Cutlery Print Greaseproof Paper is ideal for use in commercial settings such as restaurants and sandwich bars.

As well as being used to wrap food, this paper can also be used to line food presentation buckets and baskets in order to help maintain their appearance and life expectancy.




Product Features:
• Disposable greaseproof paper sheets
• Printed cutlery design
• Food safe
• Suitable for serving chips and other fried foods
• Ideal for lining food buckets and baskets
• Suitable for commercial use

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Pack of 500: CT8002

• Pack of 500: 5060020680052

Packaging Dimensions:
• Pack of 500: 30 x 440 x 265mm, 2.656kg

• Width: 260mm
• Length: 430mm
• Pack Weight: 2.656kg


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