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Genware Serrated Forked Bar Knife

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The Genware Serrated Forked Bar Knife is perfect for use in busy bars for slicing lemons, limes and other cocktail garnishes. The serrated blade conforms to BS8442-5 for initial sharpness and edge retention, and the forked end allows you to scoop slices of fruit into drinks hygienically without having to touch them.



Product Features:
• Serrated bar knife with forked blade
• Material: Molybdenum steel blade
• Conforms To BS8442-5 for initial sharpness and cutting edge retention
• Rockwell Rating 56-58 (Very hard steel)
• Hand wash only
• Ideal for cutting slices of lemon and lime for drinks
Brand: Genware

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: K-BAR4
• Single: 5020403535843

Packaging Dimensions:
• Single: 340 x 80 x 150mm, 0.44kg

• Width: 20mm
• Length: 210mm
• Weight: 30g
• Pack Weight: 44g
• Depth: 8mm


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