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Fame Wine Glasses 17oz / 480ml – Pack of 6

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Set of 6.

Boasting gentle curves, these elegant Fame Wine Glasses compliment any wine! With a large bowl and bold stem, these wine glasses are ideal for serving red and white wines, Rosé or water for the table.

Made with professional quality glass with Lav’s rim and foot guarantee for extra strength. Featuring a beaded rim that ensures strength on vulnerable edges and minimizes chipping.



Product Features:
• Stemmed wine glass
• Material: Soda-lime glass
• Dishwasher safe
• Wide bowl improves oxygenation and aroma diffusion
• Beaded rim ensures strength on vulnerable edges
• Ideal for a wide variety of wines
• Suitable for commercial and domestic use
• Rim and foot chip guarantee

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Set of 6: FAM563

• Set of 6: 8692952122736

Packaging Dimensions:
• Set of 6: 225 x 270 x 185mm, 1.948kg

• Volume: 480ml
• Height: 215mm
• Diameter: 70mm


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