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Edible Silver Leaf Flakes 100mg

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With the finest Edible Silver Leaf Flakes, you can gild and garnish exquisite cuisine or luxurious drinks. Perfect for dusting glass rims or dropping into cocktails, these silver flakes are the perfect finishing touch for creating striking food dishes, desserts or cakes.

Easily applied with a dry brush, this edible silver decoration is certified by an independent laboratory. Add extra shimmer to a Bellini or a Kir Royal by simply dropping the flakes into the drink.

Ideal for transforming your Christmas into a lavishly spectacular affair, these flakes of silver leaf are the perfect festive touch.



Product Features:
• Edible silver leaf flakes (E174) – randomly cut into 2-4 mm pieces from silver leaf
• Tasteless and odourless
• Perfect for gilding and garnishing cocktails, desserts or cakes
• Vegetarian, Kosher-Friendly and suitable for all other religious groups
• Stored in a cool, dry place, silver leaf will have shelf life of approximately 5 years
• Rim your glasses or simply drop into drinks for added shimmer

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Silver flakes

• 5055736959394

• Height: 50mm
• Diameter: 40mm
• Weight: 54g


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