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Dried Mallow 5g

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Strongly-scented these mauve flowers are ideal for creating infused drinks and cocktails, and when added to sugar syrups they create exotic cocktails including a mallow gin sling or a mallowtini. These edible flowers can also be used in desserts and recipes. With a savoury sweet flavour these mallow flowers are the perfect way to create traditionally flavoured marshmallows, or add to hot water and icing sugar to create a naturally coloured frosting.



Product Features:
• Dried mallow flowers
• Perfect for creating a syrup to add to gin cocktails
• Features a strong scent
• Perfect for creating traditionally flavoured marshmallows
• Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
• Ideal for commercial or home use

• Dried mallow

Brand: Sous Chef

Manufacturer Part Number:
• TR0041A

• 5060324030492

Packaging Dimensions:
• 50 x 70 x 70mm, 0.025kg

• Height: 50mm
• Diameter: 70mm
• Weight: 5g
• Pack Weight: 25g


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