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Julep Stainless Steel Cup 14.4oz / 410ml

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Buy Julep Mugs in Dublin

With a traditional style unlike any common cocktail glass, the Stainless Steel Julep Cup available to buy or hire online at is the only way to enjoy a cold Julep cocktail. Ideal for use as a mint julep cup, the Stainless Steel Julep Cup makes a perfect presentation vessel for any cocktail served with crushed ice.




Julep Mugs Available To Buy or Hire in Dublin

Product Features:
• Mint Julep serving cup
• Material: Stainless steel
• Traditional style
• Polished finish
• Dishwasher safe


• Height: 102mm
• Volume: 410ml
• Weight: 146g
• Rim Diameter: 84mm
• Base Diameter: 79mm
• Diameter: 84mm