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Two Prong Hawthorne Strainer

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If you served your guests or clients a poorly made cocktail, with big chucks of ice and fruit pips, it would be the social equivalent of serving your mother-in-law lumpy gravy. This Two Prong Hawthorn Strainer is ideal for ensuring there’s no unwanted bits floating in your margarita.

This strainer is ideal for use with a 16oz Boston Shaker Glass, while pouring into a cocktail glass. It will filter out ice and pips, while allowing small shards of ice and fruit pulp through. You’ll soon be serving delicious cocktails which will impress any guest.




Product Features:
• Stainless steel cocktail strainer
• Ideal for use with 16oz shaker glass
• Two stablising prongs
• Keeps ice in shaker while allowing fruit pulp and small shards of ice through
• Ideal for fruit or mint based cocktails
• Makes serving easier, whether at home, at a party or in a bar

Packaging Dimensions:
• 0.05kg

• Width: 96mm
• Length: 140mm
• Depth: 30mm
• Weight: 54g


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