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Urban Bar Gold Plated Hawthorn Strainer

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When serving up a fancy cocktail you need the right equipment. Somehow straining a cocktail through your kitchen sieve doesn’t quite have the same elegance as using a proper cocktail strainer. This Gold Plated Hawthorn Strainer is perfect for use with a Boston Shaker Glass, banishing lumps, a mortal sin in the world of cocktails.

This bling Strainer is the ideal accompaniment to your home or professional bar set up. A perfect gift for both amateur and professional bartenders, this is the ultimate show off bar tool.



Product Features:
• Gold plated cocktail strainer
• Ideal for use with shaker glass
• Two stablising prongs
• Keeps ice in shaker while allowing fruit pulp and small shards of ice through
• Ideal for fruit or mint based cocktails
• Makes serving easier, whether at home, at a party or in a bar

Manufacturer Part Number:
• UB23G

• 5055736912962

• Width: 102mm
• Length: 185mm
• Weight: 120g
• Depth: 20mm


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