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Monin White Chocolate Syrup 70cl

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When president Olivier Monin requested a syrup flavour which would remind him of Nestlé”s white chocolate brand Galak®, Monin White Chocolate syrup was born. A derivative of chocolate, as it does not contain cocoa solids, white chocolate is made from cocoa butter, which gives it its buttery flavour. Monin White Chocolate”s seductive, buttery notes mix well with other flavours and can be used in hot or cold dessert drinks to conjure up tempting lattes, milkshakes, mochas, frappes and martinis,.



Product Features:
• White Chocolate flavoured syrup
• Vegan & GMO-free
• Complements and enhances other flavours
• Suitable for commercial or home use

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: H1256
• Case of 6: H1256

• Single: 3052910018931
• Case of 6: 3052910618933

Packaging Dimensions:
• Case of 6: 325 x 165 x 240mm, 8.8kg

• Height: 320mm
• Diameter: 73mm
• Width: 73mm
• Volume: 700ml
• Length: 320mm
• Weight: 1400g


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