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Monin Peanut Cookie Syrup 70cl

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Monin’s new Peanut Cookie flavoured syrup is the fruit of a balanced match between the sweet gooey taste of the great chocolate chip cookie, and the generous taste of the peanut. Decadent and authentic, and without any allergens, this new flavour will allow you to revisit the classics of the world of hot beverages (latte, cappuccino, chocolate…), but also the world of cocktails.



Product Features:
• Peanut Cookie flavoured syrup
• High concentration
• Authentic taste
• Suitable for commercial or home use

Brand: Monin

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: H1328
• Case of 6: H1328

• Single: 3052911424847
• Case of 6: 13052911424844

Packaging Dimensions:
• Case of 6: 325 x 165 x 240mm, 8.8kg

• Height: 320mm
• Diameter: 73mm
• Width: 73mm
• Volume: 700ml
• Length: 320mm
• Weight: 1400g


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