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Monin Lemongrass Syrup

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Monin Lemongrass syrup captures the zesty aroma and refreshing, natural taste of freshly cut lemongrass harvested from green Asian fields. Now, it has become a popular ingredient all over the world and is widely used by bartenders to make fresh, zingy cocktails,



Product Features:
• Lemongrass flavoured syrup
• Vegan & GMO-free
• Long lasting natural taste
• Suitable for commercial or home use

Brand: Monin

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: H1293
• Case of 6: H1293

• Single: 3052911188510
• Case of 6: 13052911188517

Packaging Dimensions:
• Case of 6: 325 x 165 x 240mm, 8.8kg

• Height: 320mm
• Diameter: 73mm
• Width: 73mm
• Volume: 700ml
• Length: 320mm
• Weight: 1400g


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