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Monin Coconut Puree Ireland

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Nutritious coconut and its milk are widely used in both beverages and cooking since the sweet yet versatile flavour works well with sweet, bitter and salty flavours. Le Fruit de Monin Coconut is a unique product which has the perfect texture and taste of freshly grated coconut.
This incomparable taste and texture only seen before in culinary applications and confectionery is now available to buy online from Ireland’s top barware store – Bar Equipment Irl!



Product Features:
• Coconut flavoured syrup
• Vegetarian, vegan & GMO-free
• Creamy coconut taste & aroma
• Suitable for commercial or home use

Brand: Monin

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: H1011
• Case of 4: H1011

Packaging Dimensions:
• Case of 4: 330 x 195 x 195mm, 4.7kg

• Height: 295mm
• Diameter: 91mm
• Width: 91mm
• Volume: 1000ml
• Length: 295mm
• Weight: 1450g


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