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Monin Le Fruit Cherry Puree Ireland

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Le Fruit de Monin Cherry brings you the just-picked flavour of ripe, succulent summer cherries. With its abundance of taste and colour, in a lemonade, a hot chocolate or a cocktail, it will take you back to the sunny days of childhood!



Product Features:
• Cherry flavoured syrup
• Vegan & GMO-free
• Fresh taste of juicy Cherries & a hint of almonds
• Suitable for commercial or home use

Brand: Monin

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: H1119
• Case of 4: H1119

Packaging Dimensions:
• Case of 4: 330 x 195 x 195mm, 4.7kg

• Height: 295mm
• Diameter: 91mm
• Width: 91mm
• Volume: 1000ml
• Length: 295mm
• Weight: 1450g


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