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Measuring Cup Set

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Fed up of finding the perfect recipe online and it’s in American measures? Fear not these measuring cups will convert them with ease.
Made from stainless steel they are incredibly durable making them perfect for use in both domestic and commercial kitchens.
Each are individually engraved for easily identifying specific measures.


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Product Features:
• Measuring cups
• Material: Stainless Steel
• Hand wash only
• Engraved sizing /measurements
• Ideal for home baking and cooking
• Suitable for commercial use

Pack Contains:
• 1 x 30ml
• 1 x 60ml
• 1 x 80ml
• 1 x 125ml
• 1 x 250ml

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: MCP5

• Single: 5020403180791

30ml: Ø 40mm, H 30mm, W 135mm
60ml: Ø 50mm, H 30mm, W 155mm
80ml: Ø 60mm, H 35mm, L 155mm
125ml: Ø 70mm, H 35mm, L 165mm
250ml: Ø 80mm, H 50mm,


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