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Knife Sharpener With Suction Cup

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Ideal for use in busy commercial kitchens, this Knife Sharpener features a suction cup for secure and safe attachment during use.

This knife sharpener features a two stage sharpening design with both coarse and fine sharpeners for returning your much loved and used knives back to their original state. The perfect kitchen accessory for any aspiring or professional chef.

Please Note: Not suitable for serrated knives.



Product Features:
• Knife sharpener
• Two stage sharpening design with coarse and fine
• Featured suction cup for safe sharpening
• Not suitable for serrated knives
• Ideal for use in commercial kitchens

Brand: Genware

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: KS2

• Height: 75mm
• Diameter: 130mm
• Weight: 110g


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