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Kilner Butter Churning Set

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For the perfect home made butter, this butter churning set from Kilner is ideal. The set features a butter churn, butter paddles and butter dish. All branded with the Kilner logo.

The Butter Churn from Kilner makes butter in as little as 10 minutes, all you have to do is place 300ml of whipping cream into the glass jar styled churner and turn the handle. Once you have made the butter, you can then shape it and remove any excess buttermilk using the butter paddles, all before then placing your very own home made butter into the Kilner Butter Dish that will help keep it fresher for longer.

The Kilner Butter Churner comes with an easy to follow instruction guide and a range of recipes to get you started.

300ml of whipping cream will make 110g of butter.



Product Features:
• Butter making set with churner jar, shaping paddles and serving dish
• Easy to use and make your own butter
• Comes with step by step guide and a selection of recipes
• Add a touch of vintage style to any kitchen
• Perfect gift for baking lovers

Pack Contains:
• 1 x Kilner Butter Churner
• 2 x Kilner Butter Paddles
• 1 x Kilner Butter Dish
• 1 x Easy to follow guide
• Selection of recipes

Brand: Kilner

Manufacturer Part Number:
• DS32393

Kilner Butter Churner: H 270mm W 110mm D 165mm
Kilner Butter Paddles: H 300mm W 20mm L 90mm
Kilner Glass Butter Dish: H 72mm W 100mm L 170mm


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