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Home Bar Cocktail Set

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If you feel your home bar is lacking a little something, then it’s probably time you invested in the Home Bar Cocktail Set. Including everything you need to make your pad look like a swanky New York cocktail bar, this set features everything you need to mix up the perfect cocktail, long drink or drink on the rocks.

This set includes a range of tools including a jigger, strainer, bar knife and pair of tongs to help you serve up a variety of beverages. The sleek stainless steel ice bucket is perfect for parties, while the rubber bar runner gives your bar a professional look while keeping the top free from stains.

To finish of your cocktail creation, the Chrome Bar Caddy comes packed with a selection of cocktail decorations, straws and napkins. All you need is a few bottles of booze and you’re ready to entertain!


Out of stock


Product Features:
• Bar accessories set
• Contains everything you’ll need for your bar to run smoothly
• Ideal for home bar owners
• Professional quality cocktail equipment

Pack Contains:
• 1 x Manhattan Nights Stainless Steel Ice Bucket
• 1 x Hawthorne Strainer
• 1 x Jigger Measure
• 1 x Utility Tongs
• 1 x Bar Knife
• 1 x Rubber Bar Mat
• 1 x Chrome Bar Caddy
• 100 x Black Cocktail Napkins
• 24 x Paper Umbrellas
• 100 x Striped Bendy Straws 9.5inch Blue & White
• 250 x Alcopop Bendy 10.5inch Straws
• 500 x Clear Bendy 5.5inch Straws
• 25 x Swizzle Sticks Disc Stirrers
• 8 x Palm Tree Straws
• 10 x Glitter Sticks
• 10 x Fuzzy Animals

• Jigger Measure: 25ml and 50ml
• Stainless Steel Ice Bucket: 1.8ltr

Stainless Steel Ice Bucket: H 160mm Ø 150mm

Rubber Bar Mat: L 600mm W 82mm D 15mm
Bar Caddy: H 106mm L 240mm D 147mm
Cocktail Napkins: (unfolded) L 240mm W 240mm
Paper Umbrellas: (approx) L 110mm Ø 90mm
Blue & White Bendy Straws: L 240mm Ø 5mm
Alcopop Bendy Straws: L 267mm Ø 6mm
Clear Bendy Straws: L 140mm
Swizzle Sticks: L 148mm
Palm Tree Straws: L 200mm
Glitter Sticks: (approx) L 240mm
Fuzzy Animals: (approx) L 135mm
Hawthorne Strainer: W 115mm L 150mm D 20mm
Jigger Measure: H 88mm Ø 40mm
Utility Tongs: W 40mm L 240mm D 30mm
Bar Knife: L 218mm





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