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Heritage Gold Plated Fine Cocktail Strainer

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The Gold Plated Fine Cocktail Strainer is the luxurious way to create professional cocktails. With an ultra fine mesh and designed to fit over a cocktail shaker tin, this cocktail strainer gets rid of any unwanted fruit, pips or ice shards.

With a mini sieve, you can make ultra smooth cocktails or drinks with ease. The gold plating provides a luxury quality that every bar would be proud to show off.



Product Features:
• Fine cocktail strainer with fine mesh
• Material: Gold plated stainless steel
• Ideal for double straining cocktails and suitable for general kitchen use
• Gift boxed
• Hand wash only
• Removes unwanted fruit bits, ice shards or pips from beverages
• Perfect for creating ultra smooth drinks
• Ergonomically designed handle rests on top of a cocktail shaker
• Authentic Bonzer seal of quality
• Made in the UK

Manufacturer Part Number:
• BSBQ0663

• 5023476067976

Packaging Dimensions:
• 190 x 90 x 45mm, 0.086kg

• Length: 182mm
• Depth: 40mm
• Weight: 64g
• Sieve Head Diameter: 80mm


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