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Deluxe Spirit Measure Jigger/Cup

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Not everyone can mix drinks by eye, it takes years of drink mixing to know what’s too much, and even worse, too little! Using the Deluxe Spirit Measure Cup you will know exactly how much of your chosen spirit you’re putting in.

This stainless steel measuring cup includes both metric and imperial measurements so will be able to mix up any strength drink you wish. Stainless Steel construction gives the cup strength and will ensure durability, the exterior of the cup is polished to a mirror finish.




Product Features:
• Deluxe Spirit Jigger/Cup
• Stainless Steel construction
• Multiple imperial and metric measurements

Metric Measurements:
• 15ml
• 20ml
• 30ml
• 45ml
• 60ml
• 75ml

Imperial Measurements:
• 0.5oz
• 1oz
• 1.5oz
• 2oz
• 2.5oz

Manufacturer Part Number:

• 5028250135285

• Height: 65mm
• Weight: 46g
• Volume: 75ml
• Diameter: 55mm


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