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X – Confetti Cannons Gold 20cm

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With gold foil that can travel up to 2 meters of distance, these small handheld Confetti Cannons are perfect for weddings, events and parties. Simply twist the tube to activate these confetti cannons and with a loud bang from the compressed air, these confetti canons will make you the life of the party.

Ideal for adding to VIP areas of bars and clubs for that extra special touch.



Product Features:
• Handheld confetti cannons
• Projects gold foil strips into the air
• Compressed air and twist action system
• Creates a loud bang when twisted
• Foil strips can travel up to 2 meters in distance
• Perfect for events and weddings
• Is a great addition to VIP sections in bars and clubs

Manufacturer Part Number:

• Single: 5060142371517

• Length: 200mm


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