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Tequila: Myth, Magic & Spirited Recipes

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Experience the mystique of tequila; cold and fiery, breathtaking and sustaining. Including 40 recipes for food and drink, Tequila follows the transformation of blue agave hearts, grown in only one region of Mexico, into a unique and varied spirit, from blanco to reposado to anejo.

More than just the shot of choice and the foundation for margaritas, tequila is a liquor rich in history and lore. Created from the distilled juice of the agave plant, tequila boasts a lengthy fame and prized position in Mesoamerican society. To properly enjoy and appreciate this drink, first one must trace its creation and development.

In Tequila, the history, making, tasting, and appreciation of tequila are explored in depth. With recipes for drinks like the Bloody Maria and food like Corn Chowder with Roasted Tomatoes and Tequila that best highlight the unique flavors and uses of this potent liquor, readers will be captivated and, perhaps, even a little intoxicated.



Product Features:
• Recipes for tequila based cocktails and food
• Information on the background, history, making of and types of tequila
• Written by Karl Petzke, an award winning photographer
• Full colour recipe examples
• Hardcover
• 129 pages

Contents (Main Headers):
• The Road to Tequila
• Heart: Earth and Agave
• Myth: Origins and Mystique
• Time Line
• Pride: Tequila Culture
• Soul: Essence of the Fermented Nectar
• Bebidas – Tequila Cocktails
• Cocina Salada – Savory Tequila-Inspired Dishes
• Cocina Dulce – Tequila and Agave Desserts
• A Tequila Glossary
• Index
• Table of Equivalents

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• 978-0-8118-6504-3

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• Width: 187mm
• Depth: 19mm
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