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Cobalt Contemporary Carafe 35oz / 1ltr

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Perfect for serving water or wine at dining tables, this stunning Cobalt Contemporary Carafe is a simple and modern addition to any table. Made from soda glass, this carafe is perfect for aerating wine whilst adding a splash of colour to dining tables.



Product Features:
• Decanting carafe with stunning blue colouring
• Material: Soda-lime glass
• Elegant shape
• Durable construction
• Hand wash only
• Perfect for serving wine or water

Brand: Utopia

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: R90106
• B25070-000000-B01012
• Case of 6: R90106

• Single: 5060020672286
• 5060020672286
• Case of 6: 5060020671531

Packaging Dimensions:
• Single: 260 x 95 x 95mm, 0.696kg
• Case of 6: 280 x 230 x 340mm, 4.176kg

• Volume: 1litres
• Height: 260mm
• Weight: 696g
• Rim Diameter: 70mm
• Base Diameter: 95mm
• Diameter: 95mm


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