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Aluminium Ice Scoop 57oz

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To help speed up service, this professional quality Aluminium Ice Scoop will help you empty commercial ice makers, dispense ice between glasses and jugs and fill up champagne buckets. Ideal for use in bars, restaurants and parties, it will allow for a smooth, professional and quick bar service.



Product Features:
• Large ice scoop
• Material: Aluminium
• Perfect for filling ice and champagne buckets
• Helps with emptying ice makers
• Ideal for bars and parties
• Dishwasher safe

Brand: Genware

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: 202-10

• Single: 5020403135258

Packaging Dimensions:
• Single: 90 x 136 x 370mm, 0.4kg

• Height: 90mm
• Width: 136mm
• Length: 370mm
• Volume: 1.6litres
• Weight: 395g


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