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Aluminium Ice Scoop 24oz

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It is an unwritten law that a party will always need ice! People want drinks and they want them chilled! You can’t have a whiskey on the rocks without the rocks! And what’s the point of drinking a warm coke?

This ever useful bar tool is an essential piece of equipment that can scoop up numerous ice cubes from an ice bucket, or ice maker.

Made from aluminium, this Ice Scoop will remain a weapon in your arsenal of barware for many years to come!



Product Features:
• Ice cube scoop
• Material: Aluminium
• Perfect for use with ice and champagne buckets
• Ideal for ice machines & ice makers
• Essential addition for parties, bars & restaurants
• Perfect to use as a sweet scoop

Brand: U Group Bar

Manufacturer Part Number:
• SS051/24

• 5020229105008

Packaging Dimensions:
• 85 x 273 x 100mm, 0.187kg

• Height: 85mm
• Width: 100mm
• Length: 273mm
• Volume: 680ml
• Weight: 187g


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