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Takeaway 2 Compartment Food Box 7inch

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2 compartment take away boxes – a sleeve of 50 pieces. The best eco-friendly alternative to your standard polystyrene takeaway box, this 2 Compartment Clamshell is made from sturdy bagasse and is perfect for on-the-go. Made of all natural materials, this recycled sugarcane food box will keep your food crispy and hot.

Completely compostable, this takeaway box is perfect for street food, festivals, food vans and much more. Featuring a rigid construction and compartment design, which makes this container ideal for serving two dishes. Whether your food is hot, cold or oily, your food won’t become soggy in this unique food container.



Product Features:
• Large rectangular takeaway box with 2 food compartments
• Material: Bagasse (recycled sugarcane)
• Completely compostable
• Freezable and microwaveable
• Eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene food boxes
• Stackable
• Perfect for oily, hot or wet food
• Ideal for street food, festivals, food stalls and events
• Pure white appearance

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Sleeve of 50: B002

• Sleeve of 50: 5055736970610

• Height: 70mm
• Width: 250mm
• Depth: 170mm
• Weight: 48g
• Pack Weight: 1.6kg


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