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Takke away 3 Compartment Meal Box 8.6inch / 22cm

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3 compartment meal boxes – sleeve of 100. Perfect for serving main meals with 2 sides, these Bagasse 3 Compartment Meal Boxes are the perfect eco-friendly takeaway box. Made from 100% sugarcane fibre, not only are these boxes eco-friendly, they are strong and durable too. Suitable for commercial use, these boxes can be used to serve hot, wet and oily food.



Product Features:
• Three compartment takeaway box
• Made with 100% Sugarcane fibre
• Compostable & biodegradable
• Suitable for hot, wet and oily foods
• Materials obtained from sustainable sources
• Eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene food boxes
• Ideal for street food, festivals, food stalls and events
• Sturdy construction

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Sleeve of 100: 91016

• Sleeve of 100: 5055202190139

• Width: 202mm
• Length: 220mm
• Depth: 70mm


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