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Double Jigger Measure 25ml & 50ml

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It’s not essential, you’ll probably agree, for cocktails to be served in the perfect measures.
It’s not essential, but it helps.

If you don’t want to be serving, or drinking, some evil concoction spawned from an unholy mix of randomly-slopped-together spirits, these stainless steel double ended measures are essential for anyone claiming the coveted title of Cocktailer.

They give an accurate measure for both 25ml and 50ml shots, and will banish, forever, the throat-stripping sessions that are all too familiar to those unlucky drinkers unable to judge, even remotely, a measure of spirit.

These beauties will be a welcome addition to any self-respecting drinker’s den.




Product Features:
• Double ended 25ml and 50ml measure
• Stainless steel

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: TM00673

• Single: 5055736910463

• Height: 78mm
• Diameter: 37mm
• Weight: 110g

Volume: 25ml and 50ml


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