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Beer Glass – Boot Pint

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You’ve heard the legend of the German Bierstiefel, the ‘Beer Boot’. As much as you try to understand it, drinking from a smelly old boot just makes your beer taste funny. Now available to buy online from bar Equipment Ireland!

That’s right, a glass vessel in the shape of a boot! But remember, don’t get confused and try and put your foot in it, this boot is for drinking purposes only! With a large 2 pint capacity, this Glass Beer Boot will keep you going through the night and will create fun drinking games for you and your friends!

As you get towards the bottom of the glass the air rushes into the toe area and the liquid comes straight down!



Product Features:
• Novelty beer glass shaped like a boot
• Holds 1.3 Litres to the brim with room for a traditional European head on your beer
• Material: Soda-lime glass
• Hand wash only
• Gift boxed
• Challenge your friends to drink without any spills

Packs Available:
• 1 x Glass Beer Boot

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: DS30008

• Single: 5055736933394

Packaging Dimensions:
• Single: 260 x 152 x 122mm, 0.635kg

• Height: 245mm
• Width: 145mm
• Diameter: 105mm
• Volume: 1.3litres
• Weight: 520g
• Rim Diameter: 98mm


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